Summer solstice january 3 astrology

And if so, consider June 21 will push you off the starting block. But get ready to plunge into some deeper waters. The very same day as the solstice, esoteric Neptune, the planet of illusions and sacrifice, pivots into its annual five-month retrograde. Survey your spaces, Aries!

Do they feel like home to you? So many people, so little time.

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Neighborly Bulls never mind a little friendly small talk. But are your conversations starting to sound a little too same-same? But maybe you could upgrade some of the random chit-chat to something a little more…meaningful?

Beneficial Thought: Summer Solstice Checklist - How to Launch Summer Right | Astrology Answers

Are you giving your time and energy to opportunities that can put cash in the bank? If not, will they help you build a network that can one day be leveraged for your career? But everyone needs you, Cancer. The summer solstice always marks day one of Cancer season—a month-long cycle that snaps you out of the role of the sacrificial martyr and puts your needs front and center. By the time the solar eclipse in Cancer rolls around with the July 2 new moon, you could already have some proficiency with this newfound skill.

Project mania alert! You want to do it all, be there for everyone, help as much as you can. But your big-hearted FOMO is going to send you straight into meltdown territory. Spending more time with your instafriends than real people? But those virtual connections could start to get old by the solstice. You could find yourself craving a warm body in close proximity. Not just any old body, of course, because meaningful conversation is your favorite kind of foreplay.

Still, Virgo, take that chatter offline and into real time. This goes for friends and romantic interests. Transition into analog dialogues and go have some playdates! Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Uranus will be the void planets this month with a day and a half given to Mars. Mercury at the start of the month ends the day with the mind working overtime seeking knowledge and truth, Saturn from the 6 th to the 19 th leaves us second guessing if we are making the right choices, and from the 20 th to the 25 th Venus takes center stage for the void position sending us to sleep with happy thoughts, and from the 25 th to the New Year Uranus takes over and our true selves emerge to let loose.

Jupiter will trine Neptune for the first time since July of , due to the nature of the transits the trine was completed only once that year, Dec is the first of 3 Jupiter Neptune trines, with the second happening in May of and the third in August The December trine will give us a hint of how to access the nature of Jupiter in Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces. This is an extremely potent time to develop your intuitive skills and further your path along spiritual development.

new moon (Capricorn)

Caution is advised when listening to Gurus who might not be true teachers but more interested in elevating their status. The Sagittarius new moon at 26 degrees 31 minutes is conjunct the Galactic Center. This opening asks us to release and forget emotional trauma. Of course, this also means relinquishing your greatest emotional grievances.

Perhaps this contributes largely to the popular metaphysical model of cellular reprogramming.

12222 Summer Solstice

Second, IFR blasts open the root chakra in the energy system. This chakra releases the old, regenerates our energy, and lifts us off our duffs with renewed inspiration and a sense of real progress. This is an incredible blessing to forward us to catapult our spiritual progress. Setting your intentions for the Sagittarius new moon will be valuable when you are connecting with the realm of what Sagittarius is all about.

Create affirmations that set a positive vibration for what is important for you. Consider taking classes or courses in subjects that are of interest. Reexamine your thoughts and beliefs, let go of prejudice and judgment. Expand your boundaries beyond your comfort zone. Take a foreign language class or if that seems too formidable check our exotic cuisine. Plan travels, the more wild and adventurous the better. Take a journey of the mind, or better yet travel to the amazon with a guide for shamanic healing.

The new moon is trine Uranus and Pallas Athene in Aires giving a send off of encouragement to be true to ones core values. Granted the Sag new moon is a few degrees from Saturn who is at the very last moments of being in Sag, and square Chiron, which brings an emphasis of being serious about having what you want, a plethora of aha moments that bring to the surface the cracks in your life where you feel you have been unfaithful to the truth of your being.

The winter solstice or summer down under is the day that the Sun and Saturn form a new cycle. This is the first time in 28 years that the yearly sun Saturn conjunction is in Capricorn and we will have two other conjunctions in January of and In essence three chances to set our intentions for accomplishments and long term goals, along with mastering discipline that it will require to do so.

Do you want to climb Mount Everest? The time is now to create the routine of exercise that will support you in that goal. How about that home you want? Or a trip around the world? Or the family you want to start? This solstice chart with the sun conjunct Saturn opens the door to help us obtain what we need to have what we want. Venus in the solstice chart is at the same degree that the Sagittarius new moon occupied; this new phase of sun Saturn reflects back to help with the intentions set on the new moon.

The moon will be in Aquarius on the day of the solstice, perfect for gathering of friends and celebration of the Yule and Saturnalia. How this will impact you is if you are willing to plan, put forth the effort, and discipline your time to focus on your highest intentions the universe will help you along the way. Mercury moves direct on Friday the 22 nd and last minute shopping for presents shower in rapid motion.

Mail seems to come all at once and last minute arraignments for the holidays are confirmed. The moon will move through Aquarius to Gemini from Friday the 22 nd to New Years Eve, a time when many people will be on vacation. Tuesday and Wednesday the moon in fiery Aries can be super busy cramming in trips and events that you love to do. Thursday and Friday the moon in Taurus life slows down to relax and enjoy, while Saturday and Sunday the 31 st with the moon in Gemini is another surge of activity and connecting with friends and fun.

This is a beautiful symbol from which to contemplate our place in the vastness of the universe, and how our light, if only for a brief moment of time we are on the planet, can shine its brightest. Yule History. December Winter Solstice Traditions. Capricorn Mythology. The year is rushing to the end and at a collective consciousness level preparing for The cycle of the Sagittarius new moon from November 29 th is unfolding throughout the month until the Capricorn new moon on the 29 th.

There is a strong live have fun atmosphere as well as the desire to peek into the possibilities of what the future might bring. There is an amazing amount of grace that can be channeled this month. The universe is setting up the energy for in the last weeks of All of these combinations will be playing out in , therefore your meditations, thoughts, and ideas that you are contemplating in December will be extremely important.

If you consciously set your intentions for what you want to have unfold in there is great support from the universe to guide you in helping you make it happen. On the second of December Mercury moves into Capricorn where it will spend the next 6 weeks due to the retrograde that begins of the 19 th.

How to Choose The Right People in Your Life with Astrology. Nikola Stojanovic and Astrolada

Might want to make sure you keep your receipts for your xmas gifts since the retrograde goes through the holiday week. Lots of returns probable. Venus moves into friend loving Aquarius on the 7 th in the sign that Mars has been hanging out it; this brings joy in gathering with friends new and old. The full moon on the 13 th is a beautiful harmonious inspiration that is teaching us to be with what is, and in doing so we are able to flow into a direction towards more happiness and success. This does go back to the new moon vibe of developing your spiritual side and releasing judgment.

Once accomplished the resistance in life disappears and miracles can show up.

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  6. The full moon of Gemini is another precursor of the wave of with 5 planets in harmonious connections with each other in air and fire signs. This is quite unusual and when you allow your mind to imagine and connect with your hearts passion the inspiration and motivation you need to create your destiny is supported by invisible help from universal source. Keeping promises to a minimum and extra time allowed to get places alleviates the stress. Feed Mars in Pisces with uplifting music, meditation, and yoga.

    Mercury stops just short of Pluto before it turns away, carrying with it the desire to think deeply about the important issues of life. The winter solstice on the 21 st heralds the return of the sun, the longest night of the year is over and the light begins to grow once again.

    Capricorn New Moon. The last week of December is perhaps the most significant as the planetary harmony is given a huge lightning bolt boost with Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter in agreement supporting change in a way that is real and authentic. In addition the New moon in Capricorn on the 29 th has an extra jolt of power to create as that is the same day that Uranus, the planet of sudden change is at its strongest position of the year.

    The new moon in Capricorn is especially significant this year as it is on the day of the solstice. The solstice energy is connected to a symbol of universal knowledge. SoundCloud Audio Edition. Happy Summer Solstice, Everyone! The sign of Cancer was also linked with the creation of the Cosmos in the famous "thema mundi" chart the chart of the birth of the cosmos.

    The Moon is a reflective light, carrying the knowledge of the original, knowledge of divinity, knowledge of spirit, and the remembrance of our origins. Memory is often related to things like nation or state, to remember the flag, to remember those who died, to remember those who serve, or to family, to remember our ancestors, to remember our family bonds, to serve those we share roots with, or to one community or another, my friends, my tribe, my people.

    However, insofar as our remembering is only ever tied to temporary material designations, like the body, state, nation, family, political parties we belong to, hashtags we love, twitter handles we grow famous by, identity categories we cling to with our steely white pincers, then we are creatures shelling ourselves off from the world, ironically hardened by the endless requirements of culture, made Saturnine and crusty, hardened like barnacles by the grip of the body on the soul.

    We remember the wrong things and forget the most important. By doing so, eventually, we are led back through the porthole of Saturn and Capricorn, the winter solstice, where we leave the body and are given the same timeless chance to return to the spiritual world. If we do not remember our true nature, as so many mystical and even shamanic traditions tell us, then we do not make it beyond the sphere of the Moon, and thus we return through the porthole of the Crab to take another body, another chance to remember our true nature. In fact, new research has shown that certain species of dung beetles will literally stand atop a sphere of poop and look up at the stars to help them roll their dung ball in the correct direction.

    They will actually use the stars and the milky way to orient themselves because it's also difficult to roll a ball in a straight line. Similarly, the Crab has long been associated with collecting, hoarding, and keeping things. Hence, like the hero Heracles, whose heal is grasped and pinched by Karkinos, the crab who becomes the constellation of Cancer , we are told to dominate, crush, or kill that egoic character who would attempt to usurp the throne of the higher self. Our bodies serve a purpose.

    Summer solstice january 3 astrology
    Summer solstice january 3 astrology
    Summer solstice january 3 astrology
    Summer solstice january 3 astrology
    Summer solstice january 3 astrology
    Summer solstice january 3 astrology
    Summer solstice january 3 astrology
    Summer solstice january 3 astrology
    Summer solstice january 3 astrology

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