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How exactly does travel astrology work?

If you have chosen a reference place before, click on the link " other town " beside your current reference place and change it to the place you want your relocation chart for.

Relocation Chart Calculator

Now, you can choose the chart type "Relocation chart". Please, remember that your reference place remains changed after this, and the Personal Daily Horoscope, for example, will be done for the date and time of this new reference place. This might turn out as a bit of a surprise, if your reference place for the relocation chart was on the other side of the world. Is it possible to gauge the relocation chart with the lines in the Astromaps?

Vedic Astrology Relocation Chart

Do I have to adjust my birth time to the time zone of the place I'm doing a relocation chart for? No, you use the birth time i. The only thing you need to change for a relocation chart is the reference place see question 1. Leave mobile view. As one of the largest astrology portals WWW. By considering how a location will interact with you, we can make guided choices based on what aspects of us we desire to learn more about.

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One way to understand relocation charts is to consider that they are cast by reformulating your natal chart. Your natal chart is calculated based on the exact time, date, and place of birth. In this way, an astrologer is able to consider the relationship of the planets at the exact time of your birth, and this relationship to you at the moment you took your first breath.

Since we are connected to everything and everyone, this would be true when in consideration of the energy that is inherent in the planets and our environment. We are all born into an environment.

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  • There is, of course, the immediate familial environment. Our societal environment can be our immediate locale, our country, and even the wider culture we are a part of. Then there is our cosmic environment.

    All these are spaces we interact with throughout our lives. These spaces each have an energy, or another way to say it is that they each have a soul, that is uniquely their own. With this in mind, charts can and are cast for cities, countries, events, and eras to examine their unique soul. At the moment of our birth, and the moment of our first breath, we begin an interaction with our various environments.

    Perhaps to be a magical person means, in part, that we recognize this interaction. Life becomes less a need to push our individual and lonely will onto the external environment, and instead becomes more evocative through interacting with our environment and learning to interpret its signals as a dialogue that is meaningful and ultimately loving.

    Relocation Astrology! Finding the PERFECT place for big moves, vacations and more!—with Heather

    In a relocation chart, the geographic place of birth is replaced by the coordinates of the location you desire to learn more about. The energy of the place is considered in its interaction with you. The simplest way to do this is to replace the place of birth and cast a standard natal chart. This allows a person to see how those planetary conversations, which are already a part of you, are still active but now in a different context. You will want to adjust according to the new time zone. Remember, it is the same moment you took your first breath, just placed on another part of the planet.

    Make sure the time adjustment speaks to the same moment. You can confirm this by checking the degree and minute of the Moon. It should be identical in both the natal and the relocated chart, even if the chart points have changed. Depending on how far away your new locale is from your place of birth, radical shifts can take place in the key points in a chart.

    This method of calculating relocation is significant in that it supposes that a new environment will emphasize certain aspects of you. This method considers your personal growth and learning.

    Relocation Astrology Report –

    Some key points to consider within a relocation chart are the ascendant, the descendant, the midhaven, and the IC. The explanations of these key points can vary significantly based on the form, method, or school of astrological interpretation. These points can be explained in depth, and perhaps I will do that in a future article. But for now I will offer very simplistic explanations that are most relevant to a relocation chart. The ascendant is what you project out onto the world. The descendant is the type of people you tend to attract. The ascendant and descendant work together in some respects.

    You can target certain areas of your life that need a tune-up

    They are at opposite polarity in a chart. Where the ascendant is the mask you wear, which is still a part of you even though it is a mask, it is also others perceptions of you. The sign placement and conversations the ascendant is having with other planets can reveal characteristics of your mask. The descendant then becomes the mirror.

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