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Electional astrology is an ancient technique that involves choosing the best time for a desired outcome. It is essentially the opposite of horary astrology which is used to answer a question, based upon the time when the question is asked. In medical astrology, the time that the patient first becomes ill and takes to the sick bed is called the decumbiture chart.

Jane Ridder-Patrick said that the decumbiture chart can tell the nature of the problem, the cause, the prognosis, and suggested treatments. Charts derived using these classical techniques can all be read as stand-alones. The same basic rules can also be used to elect an aspicious time for other health care procedures or event such as physician office visits or the purchase of durable medical equipment.

Electional astrology has unlimited applications and can also be used, for example, to choose a good time to get married, file a lawsuit, open a business, or go on vacation. Essentially, the electional chart represents the birth chart for the event. I began by studying the rules for elections in general and surgical elections in particular, from Vivian Robson,Eileen Naumann, Marcia Starck, and others. With some variations amongst the authors, the common denominator appeared to be the lunar phase, her aspects, and the sign she occupied at the time of the surgery, in descending order of importance.

Additionally, the moon is always co-ruler of the ascendant, or the querent. First, it is desirable to have the moon in her waxing phase, increasing in light, between the new and the full. It is best not to begin a surgery until at least 12 degrees or 24 hours after the new moon, and to have it completed at least 12 degrees or 24 hours before the full moon. Without question, eclipses are to be avoided. Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson adds that the moon should be above the horizon for a good election.

The second consideration involves lunar aspects, but only applying classical or Ptolemaic ones: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. My classical astrology teacher, Win Rowe of Lansing, Michigan, told me the last aspect made by the moon during the surgery was the most important one. Vivian Robson does not want to see ANY aspects, good or bad, made by the moon to malefics during the surgery. The ancients believed it was important to have the moon in a sign that does NOT rule the part of the body being operated upon. Vivien Robson agrees with this adding that, in general, the moon is best in fixed signs for surgeries.

Erma Bombeck sufferred kidney failure due to polycystic kidney disease inherited from her father. She went on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis three years before receiving a kidney transplant. For the surgery, I present a solar chart for p. PST, with the sun on the 1st. Chart is located on the next page. First of all, this operation was performed within 24 hours of a full moon lunar eclipse. Lunar aspects for that date involved an opposition to Mars, a conjunction to retrograde Chiron which rules the kidneys, according to French medical astrologer Guy de Penguern , an opposition to the sun, a square to Jupiter, and a conjunction to the nodes.

Also, the moon was in the sign of Libra, which rules the kidneys. If the operation began after p. According to our rules for surgical elections, none of these considerations were favorable. Erma Bombeck made her transition on April 22, at a. The cause of death was uremia, a form of self-poisoning, resulting from complications following the transplant operation. Uncle Jack had been doctoring for cancer for over 10 years.

Weakened and damaged from the chemotherapy, he developed painful neuropathy in both legs which left him with an unsteady gate. Approximately one week after a new moon solar eclipse on his natal Jupiter, he fell in his garage. Aunt JoAnne came home to find him with a gash above his eyebrow, amidst a pool of blood. She rushed him to the emergency room where he was admitted.

Doctors found internal bleeding on the brain which may have preceded the fall, and performed the first surgery to relieve swelling of his brain. Shortly thereafter, he acquired the dreaded MRSA infection, and a second emergency brain surgery was scheduled. That surgery was performed on the morning of August 16, , exact time unknown. Since I knew it was in the morning, I present a solar chart for a.

Using our three rules for surgical elections, we see that the second emergency brain surgery was performed on the day of the full moon lunar eclipse. If the surgery began after a. The moon was in Aquarius. My rationale is that central nervous system communication in the brain is electrical as well as chemical, and Uranus rules electricity.

Therefore, I consider moon in Aquarius to be in the sign ruling the part of the body being operated upon.

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Of course, Uranus had not yet been discovered so it was not used by the ancients. Uncle Jack expired two weeks later, on August 31, at p. I suspect it was MRSA, coupled with the drugs used to combat the MRSA, sedate him for two back-to-back brain surgeries, and pain control and his already weakened condition. Infections and drugs are both ruled by Neptune, and the eclipsed full moon was applying to conjunct retrograde Neptune, both opposing the sun, on the date of that second operation.

I went into renal failure over a year period with a complicated medical history originating from a birth defect. Like Erma Bombeck, I was kept alive on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis that began on May 27, I had the extreme good fortune of a matching living donor who volunteered immediately.

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It took six months of extensive testing on both of us before we were cleared for the transplant surgery. I wanted to schedule the surgery as soon as possible, but I knew the importance of picking a good date astrologically. Surprisingly, this process works best when you start with generalities as per Robson , rather than specifics a la Carter. An arsenal of generalities will equip you to fight through the fogs of interpretation, to find the person at the center of it all, to read the chart in front of you.

Vivian Robson was a very different kind of astrologer. Study his books! See a pdf sample here Astrology Clasics, pages. Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars would you give this book? Tell us! The fundamental principles of astrology 2. The alphabet of astrology 3. Casting the horoscope Section 2: The judgment of a horoscope: 1.

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General principles of judgment 2. Finance 7. Children Death Esoteric astrology Secondary directions 2. Interpretation of directions 3.

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Primary directions 4. Minor methods of directing 5. Rectification Appendix: A. The present use of Standard Time B. Summer Time C. Adoption of the New Style Calendar D. Sensitive points E. Hugh S. Torrens Obituary, by Charles E. Carter De Mortius, by George H. In it, he put the distillation of four years intense work. In those years, spent in the British Museum Reading Room, he had read and studied very nearly every astrology book ever written, in English and Latin. To this day, he is virtually the only man to have ever undertaken a study of this magnitude.

Vivian Robson, the son of a surgeon, was trained, starting in childhood, in geology.

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He was the quiet studious sort, happy to spend his time with his books. As a geologist, he was brilliant. He left Bristol after two years.

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He worked briefly at the Admiralty, presumably as a draftsman. Sometime in , this lonely kid discovered astrology. And right from the first, he embraced it with passion and fervor. During that time, he published this book , his first , and, the following year, The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology. Robson copies the format of earlier books, dealing with topics, rather than planets, signs and houses. His first topic, the place where astrologers have traditionally started, is infant mortality. Which is brutal, but if the child will not live, there is no point in continuing.

In a nod to his employer, he includes a chapter on Esoteric Astrology, giving a comprehensive survey. In this Memorial Edition, Prof. Roell, the publisher, an Afterword. Also in this edition, a newly prepared Index. The section on Travel is eye-opening. Here it is, as a teaser. Astrology Classics, pages. Introduction 2. The sex of the astrological factors 3. The sex of the native 4. The sex outlook of the signs 5. The seventh house 7. The influence of planets in the seventh house 8.

vivian robson electional astrology pdf

Sexual abnormalities 9. Homosexuality Sadism; Marriage Marriage or celebacy Determining the date of marriage The marriage partner How to read details How to compare horoscopes The effect of aspects between horoscopes Mundane comparison; Directional comparison The Hindu method of comparison Choosing the wedding day The consummation of marriage Comment: From Robson goes far beyond the usual "his planets vs: her planets".

Here is a treasury of practical advice, culled from many sources. That's a lot in pages. Click here for a PDF extract. Astrology Classics, paper. General Principles 3. The Moon in Electional Astrology 4. Planetary Hours 6. Personal Elections 7. Domestic Elections 8. Medical Elections Animals Public Affairs Glossary Index.

Comment: Ever wished you had picked a better time to start that new project? Let Electional Astrology help. This remains the best modern book ever written on elections. It has long been a classic. Much of this book was taken from a careful reading of William Ramesey's Astrology Restored of Which, despite 20 years of astrological revival, remains out of print: The original is in an antique typescript, the available photocopies and microfiche are badly stained and worn, the result is virtually unreadable. There is currently a retyped version in England but as of it has not been made available for publishing.

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  6. I would publish in an instant if it ever came my way. Click here for a pdf extract. The fixed stars in astronomy 2.

    vivian robson electional astrology pdf Vivian robson electional astrology pdf
    vivian robson electional astrology pdf Vivian robson electional astrology pdf
    vivian robson electional astrology pdf Vivian robson electional astrology pdf
    vivian robson electional astrology pdf Vivian robson electional astrology pdf
    vivian robson electional astrology pdf Vivian robson electional astrology pdf
    vivian robson electional astrology pdf Vivian robson electional astrology pdf

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