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EMBRACING LOVE + LIBERATION! New Moon in Libra September 28, 2019 Astrology Numerology Forecast

Leo , we all need to blow off steam. But an overactive social life can drain vital energy and resources away from your bigger dreams and long-term goals. Still, a lot of work goes into crafting your best life. When was the last time you paused to enjoy it?

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Seeking out new experiences and connections this month gives you more space to spread your wings. Be willing to work at it, while keeping the vibe light and playful. A neutral, third-party observer or mediator can bring more clarity to the situation.

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Under pressure! You may thrive in stressful conditions, Capricorn , but even you have your limits. Being a team player is one thing, Aquarius , but sacrificing your individuality is a whole other ballgame.

Lunar calendar for December 2018

And any group worthy of your participation will value your independent thinking and insight. We can easily make progress or try something new now. Easily and going with the flow we can deal with any changes in professional and domestic life. Sudden or new circumstances have the potential for growth and feelings are an amalgam of mature and yet tender emotions. The emotionality of this Full Moon, brought on by the water element that is strong in the chart, with three planets, Chiron and the North Node placed in Water Signs, is not a Cancer neediness. Nor is it, with three planets in the Earth Sign of Capricorn, the emotional coldness that the Sign usually displays.

This full moon is the reliable and responsible expression of tenderness and caring, of placing the importance to the home, to the family and to our very own sense of where we belong, regardless of the changes that happen to the outside world and our public affairs. Yes, this is a Full Moon that has growth potential and can bring opportunities, and depending on the astrological House that it activates in our personal horoscope, some of its possible manifestations may be:.

Relationships can be renewed, by us showing tenderness and responsibility We are cared for and we are acknowledged for our efforts from those closest to us and our self-esteem is increased Changes in professional and working environment are positive or surprising without disrupting our sense of familiar Pending financial matters essential for our security are now coming to a good close Opportunities for selling or buying property may suddenly appear If we are searching for a new house to move into, we may find one that is both comfy and worth its money. It is a great period to show to those we are romantically associated with, how much we care, and this will reflect back to us However this Full Moon in Cancer will eventually play out, it surely marks the holiday season as an ideal time to enjoy with family and loved ones, and to relax in the comfort of the Christmas hearth, protected and secure.

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I wish to all a most fulfilling Full Moon in Cancer, to enjoy the holiday season and a very Merry Christmas! Skip to content. Paypal Donation.

Horoscopes for the June 12222 New Moon in Gemini

This date announces a phase of positivism, love, and abundance. This phase of the lunar calendar for December will start from 19h It is conducive to the rituals of love, abundance, wealth, etc. This is a good period for remedies against fatigue and toning remedies for the liver and pancreas. In terms of human activities, until December 21, all intellectual activities will be favored. On the health side, the excitement caused by the growing moon will help you to put yourself into a diet or end old habits that make you sick. Take the time to make the necessary changes or correct some approaches to better prepare you to enter the New Year.

Emotions and sensations will be sharpened. Under the effect of this moon, relations can be disturbing, due to an obsession. Keeping your balance during this lunar phase will not be easy. End-of-the-year races, family reunions or work meetings should not take your head. You just have to learn how to organize and understand that this phase is quite complicated for everyone. Pay close attention to excessive spending during this time.

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Avoid all that is surgery related, between December 22nd and 27th. This phase of the lunar calendar for December coinciding with the end of the same year is also the time to clean, sort things out, get rid of all that we no longer want.

Enjoy the waning moon between December 29 and 31 to cleanse and purify you crystals, habitation, sacred space, body, etc. This is the period of great rituals.

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All rituals to remove obstacles, slow down, undo what has been done, will be more effective during this period. The rituals that you will find on our site will help you to finish the year and start well

new moon december 29 astrology New moon december 29 astrology
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new moon december 29 astrology New moon december 29 astrology
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